Freshers' Squash

Dear our fresher friends,

Come along to our Freshers’ Squash to get involved in one of the hottest societies in Cambridge!! The Cambridge University Korean Society (CUKS) welcomes everyone who has interests in Korean culture / language / food &s; drinks.


Friday 5th October – 19:30-22:00


St. Johns College Old Divinity School Central Hall &s; Lecture Theatre


CUKS sign up, a brief introduction from the president about what CUKS is, and what events we’ll be holding over the coming year, check out our Freshers’ Guide, CUKS donations Raffle, CUKS stash design election, blood sibling project. There will be a second round (2차 ㅎ) at Sir Isaac Newton!

Membership fee?
Pay at the squash: (Cash Only) £15 including VAT and one raffle ticket
Squash raffle ticket: £2 per ticket

****Come and hear about the BENEFITS of the CUKS Membership including discounts for major Asian restaurants****

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