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President's Greetings


First of all, I would like to offer my sincerest welcome to the Cambridge University Korean Society (CUKS). Our members consist of both Korean and non-Korean students studying here in Cambridge, and we are a registered society of the Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU).

Our aim is to serve as a medium of social and academic interaction for all Korean undergraduate and graduate students within the university, and also to promote Korea and Korean culture to the students of non-Korean origin. Over the next year, we plan to hold various activities, some of them in conjunction with the Faculty of East Asian Studies and Cambridge East Asian Cultural Society.

In addition to these great social and academic activities, we will host a number of recruitment events, which will help our members in deciding their future career paths. We will advertise and invite various recruitment dinners organised by both Korean and multi-national companies from different industries. All these events will be announced via email, so please check your email regularly.

Above all, we are here to promote and encourage long-lasting, deep friendships between our members. Our social and academic events will provide you with a valuable opportunity to meet people not only from Korea, but from various places around the world with fascinating and diverse backgrounds. We hope that you meet and befriend true, lasting companions in your life through our society.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our sponsors and our committee members, who make all these things possible.

Thank you, and with best wishes,

Min Hyuk Choi
CUKS President, Academic Year 2018-2019

CUKS Committee 2019/2020


Junhyuk Bryan Hwang

UG Vice President (Operational)

Kyeong Min Cindy Yu

UG Vice President (Financial)

Jaemin Ban

PG Vice President

Jaesik Kim

PG Vice President

Sunwoo Lee

Senior Treasurer

Changsin Jo


InChan Jason Cho

Public Relations (PR) Officer

JeaMin An

Social Media & Communication Officer

JiYeon Jenny Hwang

Freshers' Rep

KyungWook Andy Nam

CUKS FC Captain

Zion Kim

IT Officer

Jiu Tiffany Choi


Article I. Definitions and Purpose

Section 1. Title.

The official name of this Society shall be the Cambridge University Korean Society, henceforth referred to as CUKS or the Society. In cases which Korean name should be used, the name “케임브리지대학교 한인학생회” stands as the official Korean name of this Society.

Section 2. Society.

CUKS officially represents the Korean population to the University of Cambridge (henceforth referred to as the University). It shall be a nonprofitable charity managed by the elected committee members.

Section 3. Purpose.

It is the purpose and goal of CUKS to promote the education and enrichment of its members, the University community, and the general Cambridge community of Korean culture through various social, cultural and academic activities.

Section 4. Non-discriminatory Policy.

Despite the predominant Korean population of this Society, it shall not discriminate against any individual(s) based on any factors including, but not limited to, race, colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political stance, national origin, sex, age, or handicap.

Article II. Membership

Section 1. Eligibility.

Only current members of the University or its affiliated institutions are eligible to become a full member of this Society.
The extent of “affiliated institution” is subject to the decision of the incumbent committee. The decision does not bind unto future committees.

Section 2. Duration of membership.

The membership is only valid for the whole academic year during which the individual has joined the Society, regardless of the registration date.

Section 3. Duties of members.

Members are obliged to:

a) pay the annual membership fee, which is determined by the incumbent committee for each year.

Section 4. Rights of members.

Members possess the right to:

a) vote in person in the annual general meeting;
b) present him/herself at any events hold or jointly organised by the Society, subject to the nature of the event (e.g. it is possible to selectively invite members based on academic degree);
c) pay discounted fees at any of the above events;
d) submit suggestions about the overall running of the society;
e) stand his/herself for any of the eligible committee positions;
f) join the Facebook or equivalent online community group managed by CUKS;
g) receive discounts at local shops sponsoring CUKS.

Section 5. Membership Registration.

Any eligible individual can become a full member by providing his/her basic information including, but not limited to, name, college, subject, year, and University Hermes identification. In addition the membership due should be paid. The extent of personal information collected is subject to the decision of the incumbent committee.

The membership is activated immediately once the due is received by the Society.

This registration can be done at any time during the University academic year, but the membership covers the present academic year only (see Article II, Section 2).

Section 6. Family Members.

Individual(s) who is not eligible for the full membership but is a close relative of a registered full member is entitled to become a family member of the Society, for a fee smaller than that of the full membership.

Family members are only allowed to exercise rights expressed in clauses b) and c) of Article II, Section 4, and only when accompanied by the full member under the concerned family member is registered.

Article III. The Committee and Election

Section 1. Eligibility.

All committee positions are only open for the full Society members and should be elected by the members on the electoral roll.
The electoral roll shall consist of the full members of the Society at the point of the nomination notice.

Section 2. Terms of Office.

The term of office shall normally last for a year. The incumbent committee has the right to terminate their terms before the set duration, but the committee should have served at least two full academic terms and two vacations before deciding to do so.

Section 3. Positions.

The committee shall consist of the following positions:

a) President – represents the Society as a whole
b) Undergraduate vice-president – represents the undergraduate population
c) Postgraduate vice-president – represents the postgraduate population
d) Treasurer – responsible for the fiscal matters of the Society
e) Secretary – responsible for the weekly notices and meeting minutes
f) Events officer – responsible for planning and organising the Society events
g) Operations officer – responsible for work flow the committee
h) Sponsorship officer – responsible for obtaining sponsorships from local and external firms
i) Information Technology officer – responsible for IT-related works in the committee
j) Sports officer – responsible for running CUKS FC

It is to be noted that the Sports officer is elected by CUKS FC and hence is not an open position.

The Undergraduate and Postgraduate vice-presidencies are only open for undergraduates and postgraduates, respectively. For this purpose, Part III of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Triposes are considered as postgraduate programmes.

Section 4. The Nomination.

The notice for nomination shall be circulated in the mailing list at least 2 weeks before the election. Interested individuals should register themselves as candidates by submitting his/her personal information and a manifesto at least a week before the election.

The incumbent committee is responsible for circulating the candidates’ information no later than 24 hours after the nomination closes.

Section 5. The Electoral Procedure.

The election shall be hold together with the annual general meeting of the Society. (henceforth referred as the ‘on-site election’)

Absentee voting may be allowed with the on-line voting system, subject to the decision of the incumbent committee. The decision should be made before the nomination opens.

The election shall take place at the end of Lent term or at the start of Easter term, according to the clauses outlined in Article III, Section 2.

The election shall be a majority vote in which the candidate with over 50% of the vote wins. A revote shall be taken if no candidate wins over 50% of the vote.

Elected candidates assume positions immediately after the election, but the newly elected president can set a transition period in which both the old and new members can exercise their power as the committee.

The voting shall be a close voting with each full member expressing one vote only.

Section 6. The On-site Election

On the election day the candidates shall give a short speech before the election and take questions from the present crowd.
The result of this election should be notified no later than 24 hours after the on-site election closes.

Section 7. The On-line Election

Once the committee has decided to allow on-line voting, electorates who expect to be absent at the on-site election may apply to cast their votes on-line.

The exact on-line election procedure shall be clearly outlined and notified by the committee.

The on-line election shall close 24 hours before the on-site election commences.

Electorates who already cast their votes on-line are not eligible to be present at the on-site election.

Section 8. By-election

In the event of incumbent committee member(s) unable to hold their positions, a by-election shall be held.
The by-election shall be conducted on-line, with general procedures as outlined in Article III, Sections 4 and 5.

Article IV. The Constitution

Section 1. The Realm.

This constitution is binding to all members of the Society.

Section 2. Amendments.

Amendments to the constitution may be proposed in writing by any full member of the Society with the support of 5 other full members. The proposed amendments should be circulated among the members and ratified at the next committee meeting, with over half of the officers’ approval.

Section 3. Translations.

The English version and Korean version of this constitution are equally valid.

Latest modification ratified by the Committee on 06 October 2013

© Cambridge University Korean Society 2019