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President's Greetings


I am pleased to welcome you to the Cambridge University Korean Society (CUKS).

CUKS is open to all Cambridge students. Nationality is not the shared character of our members; it is the common interest in the Korean culture that unites our members from diverse backgrounds. Our society is enriched by both Korean and non-Korean undergraduate and postgraduate students in Cambridge.

One of our aims is to promote Korean culture and facilitate interactions with our members and alumni. Due to the current dismal situation, the annually hosted events including K-pop Nights, Chicken-Beer Night, New Year gathering, and alumni gatherings were affected. Although it is daring to predict the course of the pandemic, we promise you our best to re-host such social and cultural events this year under permitted circumstances.

Going one step further, it is our goal this year to extend the aims of CUKS to a more meaningful activity— the preservation of Korean history. CUKS is now working with the Fitzwilliam Museum and National Museum of Korea to establish the Korean gallery in the Fitzwilliam Museum. This would foster our community’s understanding of the unique history and allow us to reflect on ourselves.

Another defining character of our members is our incessant desire to learn and work to positively contribute to society. CUKS will host various academic talks to satiate your intellectual curiosity and career-related events to assist your career goal. Also, we advertise and invite various recruitment dinners organised by both Korean and multi-national companies.

Lastly, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to our sponsors, our committee members, and our alumni. Your generous support enables us to promote academic, career-related and cultural interactions.

Hyung Seok (Ben) Jin
CUKS President, Academic Year 2021-2022

CUKS Committee 2021/2022


Hyung Seok Ben Jin

UG Vice President

Jeeweon Moon

PG Vice President

Youngcho Lee

Senior Treasurer

Hannah Lee


Junseok Choi

IT Officer

Si Heon (Daniel) Kim

Publicity Officer

Iris Shin

External Officer

So Yeon Kim

Academic Director

Gwangbin Bae

CUKS FC Captain

Jonathan Lee

Full constitution is available upon request

Latest modification ratified by the Committee on 21 February 2021

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